Thursday, June 15, 2017

Have you missed me????????

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That's like asking, "Does a bear poop in the woods??????"

Of course!!!

Boy! Where to begin. Let's see... Well I've been seizure free for over three months now! Seems that doggies (and people) who have idiopathic seizures should stay away from certain foods. Legumes is one of them. And guess what?! The grain free kibble I've been eating over the past years has had chickpeas or peas base in them and that's about the same time I started having seizures.

A coinkydink?? Mommy and Daddy don't think so. So Mommy cooks all the time for me and Gracie. I swear there's a skinless chicken in the oven every other day with our name on it. Oh and guess what else?! I don't have a sensitivity to poultry like everyone thought!!
AND... We get a daily bit of wild caught sardines! Oooooooh you haven't had nasty stop anyone dead in their tracks breath until you eat yourself a wild caught sardine! Yum!!!

There's more news!! Daddy keeps telling Mommy that me and Gracie need a little furry brother! Mommy keeps saying no but Daddy keeps showing her the photo of him. He really is cute. But not as cute as me.
I'm not sure how I feel about it though. I don't think I want to share Mommy right now.

Anyway... It's time for me to bark like a maniac as Mommy and Daddy try to watch a movie. They love when I do that!

See ya!

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Phyllis Wood said...

Stella, I'm so glad that you're feeling so well. You look wonderful. Mommy really takes good care of you and Gracie, doesn't she? So, you might get a little brother? Is a Boston Terrier? You would make a great big sister.
Hugs and kisses.

Carol Roll said...

hhahaaaawwww this picture is so adorable!!!!