Thursday, September 22, 2016


Bet you're wondering where I've been!!

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Well I've been keeping it on the QT lately. I've been having some health concerns and the last thing I need is TMZ plastering my face all over their website with headlines like "Where Has Stella Been??!! Is She Healthy Enough To Be President??!! Is Her Mommy Still Buying Her Little Rubber Balls??!!"

The truth is I've had some bad and not so bad seizures over the past 6 months. The last time, I had what they call cluster seizures. I don't remember much. But when all was said and done Mommy had lots of scratches and black and blue marks all over her arms and legs. I'm sure I had nothing to do with that. Maybe she threw herself down a flight of stairs. Who knows?! She's such a drama queen.

Anyway, I needed some tests done. The first one was blood work. Since my previous blood work showed an elevated liver enzyme the vet lady suggested I have a Bile Acids test. Let me tell you something... fasting for blood work is stupid! I don't have time to fast! I have a routine, people! Everyday Mommy feeds me my breakfast as soon as I wake up! I eat before anybody!!
But the day I had to have my blood work... No breakfast!! So I sat and burned a hole through Mommy staring at her until it was time for my appointment.

That test didn't come back normal. Which could mean I have a liver shunt. I have know idea what that is. But Mommy does and it isn't good.

So the next test I needed was to have an ultrasound of my liver and that was done today. Let's hope TMZ doesn't get a photo of that! Did I mention I had to fast for that, too??!!! What is it with you humans with tests and not eating??!!

Well, I'm happy to announce my liver looks AWESOME. Okay, the vet man didn't use that exact word. But I felt it fitting in my sentence. He saw no shunts and my liver looked good and was a good size. I'm sure it smiled and winked at him.

Mommy still thinks it has something to do with the commercial dog food I eat. But the vet man didn't want to hear it. Then again, the vet people sell "prescription" commercial dog food. So... ummmm... I don't think he'd talk bad about it.
It's just weird because Gracie has had seizure, too.

So the really GREAT news is Mommy is cooking for me now!!!
*cough* Gracie, too.
I mean really, besides caring for me 24/7, bathing me, taking me places like the vet's office, playing with me, wiping and/or the occasional pulling something out of my butt, petting me, buying me little rubber balls... that's the LEAST she can do!

So I will continue to live my awesome life and if I have any more seizures in the future I know my Mommy (and my Daddy) will take good care of me.

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I thought you might enjoy these photos of me playing with my little pink rubber ball today.

I'm way ahead of you, TMZ!!

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