Sunday, July 17, 2016

I have no privacy!!

Crazy Paparazzi Mommy takes photos of me all the time! Her camera is always in my face! Even when I'm trying to sleep!

 photo slpyste1_zps6xoffm93.jpg

I can't take it anymore!

 photo slpyste_zpskne5ucek.jpg

Now I know how Halle Berry feels.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Primitive Stars said...

Lol, thanks for the laughs Stella, needed about now. Hugs Francine.

Phyllis Wood said...

I agree-a Stella update is always uplifting! Stella, you're photogenic even when you're sleeping. I don't blame Mommy a bit for wanting to take your picture all the time.

Raymond Homestead said...

I imagine being awesome can be exhausting sometimes. I mean it's through no fault of your own that you are just the cutest thing ever! You bring so much joy to us all!

Carol Roll said...

Stella you are so cute, i could just eat you up!!!!