Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Have You Missed Me??

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I know. What a ridiculous question.

I'm so bored.
I've been having to deal with Mommy and Daddy being sick. Don't they know that's not allowed in my world?!

I have needs that must be met!
I need to be fed!
I need to be hugged and petted!
I need my little, blue, or red, or green, or yellow rubber ball thrown!
I need Mommy to turn on the computer so I can blog!
I have needs, people!!

What I don't need are two humans sneezing, coughing and whining about how sick they are!

Remember I had a boo boo dewclaw! It was like a crime scene! Blood everywhere and...
not a peep outta me!

So I told Mommy, "Quit your cryin', stop being such a wuss and turn the computer on!"

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Michelle said...

Lol. Of course you've been missed. Hope your humans feel better soon.

Primitive Stars said...

Always miss that little sweet face,Smooches Francine.

Raymond Homestead said...

How can anyone not miss YOU!

Peri said...

You HAVE been ME. I was at The Spa (it is not named fairly, as they have VETERINARIANS there). I understand how you must have felt because I have not been able to get to a computer to see how you are doing. It is so unfair of the humans to be so thoughtless..."sick" BAH HUMBUG! Stella and I do not complain...she had a boo boo dewclaw and I had an ear ickiness and a bump that had to be removed AND I had to go to the dentist..ALONE!! But WE did not moan and cry and complain! Silly humans.
I am glad you are back online. Go get your, get ALL of them. Leave them next to the doors and when your DogDaddy goes outside..grab one and dash outside with him!!
Have fun playing!
Zipper, the Golden Cat

Stella BostonTerrier said...

So everyone missed me??!! Thanks, everyone!! Zipper, I don't like "The Spa" either! You go in and they do things to you that sometimes hurt REALLY bad. Then you have to pay for it!! What kind of sick, twisted place is that??!!!