Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I haven't posted because I've been traveling the world!!

 photo stel_zpsfhvhezxh.jpg

Okay. That's not true at all.

I've been playing all summer and haven't had time to remind everyone how awesome I am. Not that anyone could forget.

I did wreck my little, yellow, rubber ball and now have to play with my stupid, little, blue, rubber ball.

 photo stel1_zpscuk37yes.jpg

I know, it's a hard life. But somebody's gotta do it.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Carol Roll said...

Stella is so incredibly adorable!!!!! that yellow ball lasted a long time!

Peri said...

So sorry about your little yellow ball. Them kittens, Brynn and Mackie, have played with all MY toys and now the toys are ALL yucky. CatMomma said she will get me a new Kitty Hooch Mousie however. I am waiting...
So good to hear from you! CatDaddy has been working on getting our kitchen re-designed and today the work people started by closing up a door into the dining room. CatDaddy is a bit like your Momma...always re-do or planning to paint or buying new chairs or stuff like that. CatMomma does her best to keep me, them kittens, and them big dogs out of the way...maybe that is why I have no new mousie...hope your Momma can get you a new YELLOW BALL!!
Anyway, have fun.
Your friend in CA--Zipper The Golden Cat

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Hi, Miss Carol!! My little, yellow, rubber ball did last a long time!!
Hey Zipper, how've you been??!! Catdaddy sounds crazy like my Mommy! She's been painting and painting and painting!! Now she wants a new countertop!! But Daddy wants no part of it. I don't blame him.