Sunday, January 18, 2015

Well you've probably guessed...

Mommy hasn't fixed her camera yet!! I've been being adorable and awesome and Mommy still can't figure out how to download photos from her camera without using the cable. Hmpf! Daddy keeps showing her how and she keeps forgetting how.

It's January and I can't do much outside. Mommy thinks it's too cold for me and I think she's stupid.
Since I don't have opposable thumbs only she can turn the doorknob to let me out. It's tyranny I tell you!!

Anyway, the guys who put in our new windows last year, came back to install a new front door. Of course they remembered me! I mean seriously... How could anyone not?!

But Mommy wouldn't let me visit with them! Her lips were flapping about me possibly running out the door. She even had the nerve to put a board across too! This was my only view...

 photo legs1_zps6a234269.jpg

Mommy says I'd be good at horseback riding and then laughs. I'm glad I don't get her weird sense of humor.

So that's it for now.

But just in case you forgot how cute and awesome I am, here's a great cheesecake photo of me.

 photo legs2_zpsfd9c083a.jpg

I think I have a better side profile than Charlize Theron.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Carol Roll said...

Stella you are so beautiful! Missed seeing pics and reading about your exploits!

Peri said...

I have missed your awesomeness of late. I hope your Mommy gets a clue pretty soon on how to do it again. I did remember you had an anniversary though...two years with Gracie and Mom and Dad. It made me happy! Glad you are back. Your friend, Zipper, TGC.

Peri said...

I. miss. you. I . am. stuck with 2 German Shepherds. help me, Stella...
Zipper, the sad golden cat.