Friday, December 5, 2014

I love watching Mommy from the window...

 photo stellachristmas2_zps7fefb483.jpg

Especially when I'm inside all toasty warm and she's outside in the freezing cold for hours decorating for Christmas and when she finally plugs in all the lights, only some of them work.

 photo stellachristmas_zps5dc4c292.jpg

Looks like you'll need to go buy more little white lights, Mommy!! Don't worry, I'll be right here inside where it's all toasty warm!!


 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Earlene L. said...

Me giggling too!!!

Raymond Homestead said...

It was very thoughtful of you to watch Mommy out the window Stella, that way you were able to see if she was getting too cold or if she needed any of your decorating expertise!

Carol Roll said...

She is just so danged cute! Those eyes are so expressive.

Peri said...

Don't blame you at all, Stella! Stay fact, run and lock the door so Mommy will understand how cold it really gets out there the next time she lets you and Gracie outside for "personal reasons", better not lock the door...she is the giver of the food...forgot that part for minute. Anyway, make faces at her and then look innocent...chew on the goose with the scarf and the hat...go eat one of her boots....then look innocent. You can do are awesome and she will just smile!
Your friend,
Zipper the Golden Cat