Monday, October 6, 2014

I have very serious boo-boos...

Mommy had to rush me to the vet on Friday morning because I could not stand up well and when I did I stood with my back arched like a frightened cat! I tried to walk but when I did I would fall over. I was really scared and Mommy was a complete basket case.

Mommy thought I was having a neurological problem but the nice vet man tested me and didn't think that was the case.
By the way I was acting he thought I injured some discs in my spine! He wouldn't do any x-rays because he knew I would thrash about and hurt myself even more. (He's right. The last thing I wanted was some stranger flipping me around, taking weird photos of me!!)
So he gave me an IV steroid (you should have seen that needle!!) and sent me home with a month's worth of steroids to take. No pain medicine either because it might interfere with the steroid.

On the way home Mommy broke the news to me that I can't play and chase my little, yellow rubber ball ever again. Those days are over. When we got home she picked it up and hid it. But I saw where she put it.

I am very sad. I can't play. I can't jump. I can't run. I can't roll around on my back. But I can tinkle and poo. I just look kind of funny doing it. (Who doesn't??)

Please pray for me and/or send me good vibes that I heal and recover. Mommy and Daddy can't bear the thought of me having any kind of back surgery. They know how poorly it helped my human grandma and doesn't think it will be any better on furry lil' ol' me. Might even make me worse like grandma.

Since it's hard for me to move, I won't be posting much.

Mommy is still a complete basket case.

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Raymond Homestead said...

I'm sorry you are having problems Stella. Hope you are feeling better every day!

Carol Roll said...

Oh dearest Stella, we are so sad to hear about your injury. You and your mommy and daddy are in our prayers. We know your going to get good care and heal quickly.
sending you gentle hugs

Peri said...

Stella, I am sorry you have this problem. I had it a few years back and I still kind of walk arched a bit but I got good treatments from my vet and after about 2 months on Prednisone she let me play with my catnip mice! So it won't be forever without the yellow ball probably...just awhile. Now I am getting cold laser treatments and after those my back relaxes into place and I am fine for about a month and I can run and play! I hope you have a good vet too. If you need to come to my vet, call me and we will figure out how to do that!! Your friend, Zipper the Golden Cat