Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October 1st everybody!!!!

So did you think I ran away from home??

Nah!! I have too good of a gig here!

So let's talk about my awesome self and all the awesome things I've been doing these past few weeks!

Well... I've been playing with my little, yellow, rubber ball. I've been sleeping with my little yellow, rubber ball. I cracked another toenail. I pooped and tinkled many times in the house. I left another little turd in my dog bed and blamed it on Daddy again. I stayed home all by myself for the first time ever because Mommy had to take Gracie to the vet. I was petrified the whole time and sat looking out the window, waiting for someone to come home. I had gas.

Oh and I've got an awesome new game I play with Mommy. It's called "Look what I can make Mommy do!"

So I drop my little, yellow, rubber ball behind the sofa.

Then I wait for Mommy to come into the living room. When I see her walk in I hang my head over the edge and stare at it. (The hanging my head over the edge gets her attention)

Then I wait...

 photo stelcou1_zps18ce79f6.jpg

Yep, there it is. Waaaaaaaaaaay down there. I wish I could get it but I can't.

 photo stelcou2_zpsd0c636dc.jpg

Sure enough... Mommy walks over, moves the sofa and TA-DAH!!! Look what I can make Mommy do!!

Like I said, I have too good of a gig here.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Carol Roll said...

Stella your too much! What a busy gal you have been and you do have a great gig over there! Archie and Henry say hello!

Raymond Homestead said...

Love hearing about what you've been up to Stella!

Earlene L. said...

Missed you!

Peri said...

Dear Stella, I am glad you are doing okay. I have had a good time...those dogs are not home..they are at the vet because the younger one chewed her toes bloody..silly pup. anyway I have missed you and am sorry you hurt your toenail. CatDaddy said you need outside boots! Watch out, you might get them!! They put boots on me once..I raised my paws very high and shook them as I walked..I am just warning you!! You were very brave to stay home alone...and I am glad your Momma has learned a new trick. I have tried to teach CatMomma a new trick but she isn't very easy to teach...nice, but not very easy to teach. Have a fun weekend with the yellow ball! Your friend, Zipper the Golden Cat

Penny said...

I like to make sure that when I play with my ball, it goes under the couch and all the way to the back. My Mudder has a hard time getting down on all fours with her bad knees to get it for me, so she has to bring out the yard stick and try to swipe it out. Sometimes I knock it right back under!! I LOVE this game, but I don't think it makes Mudder very happy..... Sometimes parents can be so grouchy.
Peanut Louise (the shih-tzu)