Friday, August 22, 2014

Mommy found...

a little turd hidden in my dog bed.

But it wasn't mine! I swear!
I know I'm not supposed to do that!

 photo cuteness_zpsa9306d05.jpg

Maybe it was Daddy's.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Firecracker Kid said...

Oopsy you made a poopsy, LOL. I'm sure all is forgiven with that cute face of yours. Our kitty kats sometimes have trailers after they jump outta the litter box. Happy pooping!

Raymond Homestead said...

Don't worry Stella, we all know it wasn't yours! ;-)

Carol Roll said...


Penny said...

Does Daddy know he's getting blamed for this???? :)

Peri said...

It is okay..sometimes these things happen while we are sleeping and we didn't realize we did it. Happened to me and CatDaddy didn't get mad at all because I know to use the pan. So I bet your Mommy wasn't mad!
Your friend,