Saturday, June 14, 2014

Still waiting for my Gramma to come home.

But the hospital humans say she can't.

Mommy is always at the hospital. She tells me she can't bring me. I don't understand why. I know my Gramma would love to see me. Everyone would love to see me. I'm awesome.

 photo gram_zps3229f2b9.jpg

So all I have been doing lately is sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window, waiting for Mommy to come home. I miss her so.

Sorry I haven't been posting on my blog.

I promise, in time I will. But for now I don't have too much to say.

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Raymond Homestead said...

I'm sure your mommy is missing you too Stella. Be sure to give her some much needed love and hugs when she comes home. I know that always makes her feel better. In the meantime, try and keep a smile on that awesome face of yours~

Peri said...

Stella, my Friend, I am sure Mommy and Gramma are both missing you because you ARE so darned awesome! But hospital humans have to give medicines to make Gramma feel better and sometimes those medicines make her have problems like you did when you ate the crow poop. So she gets to stay there so she won't be alone and feel bad. Soon she will come home to visit you, I am sure. The other cats and I have prayed to our Goddess and the two dogs have also prayed and CatMomma and CatDaddy have talked to their Big Guy too. We think it will be better soon. You can't go the the hospital because they don't want you and Gracie to get sick from something there...humans are terribly worried all the time about stuff like that. I think they need to eat more catnip, myself! That stuff fixes nearly anything!! Tell your Mommy to make some lovely hot tea when she gets home and hold you on her lap and tell you all about how Gramma's day went and how much you were missed. You will both feel better then. So you sit and watch out the window and guard the house and be a brave and awesome doggie. Paws crossed!
Your pal,
Zipper, The Golden Cat (and friends: Brynn, Mackie, Tessa Dog, Isis Dog, Peri and Peg)