Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mommy stayed home with us today!!

These past three weeks she's been gone most of the time being with my sick Gramma. But today she said she miss us all so bad, she needed to spend some time with us.

We had so much fun!
We played ALL DAY with my yellow, rubber ball!

 photo yellow1_zpsd7ec6380.jpg

I love my yellow, rubber ball. I love it so much, sometimes I just like to stare at it!

 photo yellow2_zpsfbf2caa5.jpg

Then Mommy threw the ball so I could show her my awesomeness when I fetched it.

 photo yellow3_zpseb794162.jpg

Just be the ball... Be the ball... Be the ball...

 photo yellow13_zps43b52822.jpg

Then Gracie got all in my face. Thinking I'd give up my yellow, rubber ball.
Fat chance, sister!

 photo yellow4_zps25620ce6.jpg

Try and take it from me you old bag!

 photo yellow5_zpsfce58193.jpg


 photo yellow7_zpsb0fd4bbf.jpg

 photo yellow9_zps30ee2b4d.jpg

How do you like the "view?!"

 photo yellow8_zpsca900b9d.jpg

Other direction!!

 photo yellow11_zps549d3f1d.jpg


 photo yellow10_zps85c0c60a.jpg

I had such a fun day!
I really missed my Mommy.

 photo yellow6_zps001736c9.jpg

I don't know when I'll be back to blog. But I promise I will!

 photo yellow12_zps1da2002c.jpg

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Michelle said...

Yay for Stella and Gracie

Peri said...

Hooray for the dogs! I know you are both really happy to have Mommy home during the day! Such fun you had! Now you have something to remember and think about while Mommy is gone...happy thoughts about happy times and not unhappy "I miss you" thoughts. Yay for days with the dogs!!