Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am sad...

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My grandma is in the hospital with boo boos in her lungs. Mommy's been at the hospital a lot so Daddy's been taking care of me and Gracie.

The doctors don't know what's wrong. They are waiting on tests and biopsies.

I hope my grandma can go home soon so we can all go visit her. I like to visit her because she's always telling me how cute I am. Even though I know it's a fact, it's still nice to hear.

If you pray, would you please pray for my grandma?
If you don't pray, positive and healing thoughts are appreciated.

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Earlene L. said...

Well wishes!

Ali Harriman said...

Hugs to you Stella.

Ali x

Raymond Homestead said...

A great big hug to you Stella. Sending lots of get well wishes! Make your grandma a card, she would love that and I know it would make her feel better too~

Carol Roll said...

Sending prayers your way precious girl.

Susan said...

So sorry that grandma's sick. I'll be thinking of you all and praying for the best. Love you and try not to worry, little girl.

tj said...

...Consider it done Miss Stella.

...(((hugs))) to you & Mama too. :o)

...Peace & blessings.

Peri said...

I will pray to the goddess of cats, Bast, and ask her help for your Grandma. I will ask Tessa and Isis to pray to the goddess of dogs, too. CatMomma and CatDaddy will ask God to see if He will help too. Don't worry too much...your Mommy and Daddy will do that for you. You need to try to still be awesome and cute to try to cheer them up. Just don't eat any crow dirt and get sick from it! Lick your Mommy a lot and cuddle her when she is sad. Be nice to Gracie because it is her Grandma too. Play sweet and stay awesome! Take Mommy your yellow ball when she gets home!
Your friend, hoping for good news,