Friday, May 9, 2014

PetSmart Road Trip!!

Mommy went to PetSmart and came home with some presents!!! Real presents too!!
(Unlike the "presents" I like to leave her and Daddy in unexpected places.)

Here' my pink pool! YaY! I've got a pink pool!! But I have no idea what they expect me to do with it.
Mommy sat in it to try and coax me in. C'mon, what'd I just fall off the turnip truck?!
That's the oldest trick in the book and I wasn't falling for it.
Next, she'll try to coax me in there with water in it!
Not happening. Instead I can make it my very own giant, pink, chew toy.

 photo pool1_zps744d4c07.jpg

Look!! It's made here in the U.S.A, just like me!!
Mommy was happy to see that. She was also thrilled it was only $9.99 AND it was 20% off! So if you want one too, you'd better get over there!

 photo pool2_zpsf819888c.jpg

Here's my new ball.
It's a SQUEAKY ball!!
I love this tiny ball more than my Frisbees! How is THAT possible??!! I don't know, but it's true!!!
 photo throw_zps1f3d94aa.jpg

Okay!! I'm ready!!! I'm ready!!!
 photo throw1_zps994e153c.jpg

 photo throw2_zpsfcd5cf23.jpg

♩"Here I come to save the day..."♪
 photo throw3_zpsbf83e70a.jpg

 photo pool3_zps07066856.jpg

I see it!! I see it!!!
 photo throw4_zpsa9553312.jpg

 photo throw5_zps30fa2058.jpg

 photo throw6_zpsa65bb59a.jpg

Yes I know, I'm awesome.
You may all cheer and applaud now as I take my victory lap.
 photo throw7_zps84bc6511.jpg

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Peri said...

WOW! You are SO lucky! Next to a squeaky ball to play with, your very own cooling pool is the best! Hot days? No air conditioning? NO PROBLEM. Just lay down in the nice cool water!! You won't be hot and the best part is that you can jump out and jump onto Mommy or Daddy or Gracie and get them WET! They will squeal and run and look stupid. YOU will be AWESOME!! Try it! I have a white one and I LOVE it! CatDaddy hates to get wet so I get in my cooler and then go jump on the lap! "Get off you stupid cat! You are getting me wet!" Personally I think you would really love it. Not as much fun as the ball, but cats don't chase big chasing ball is about as big as your ear! But it makes me smile to play with it. Have fun!! Super Stella!!

Raymond Homestead said...

Love your pink pool! Great action shots! It even looks like you're flying in the 4th picture. It's Super Stella! lol

Ali Harriman said...

I hope you get the weather to use that pretty pink pool Stella. Here in England, all you could do with it is use it to keep the rain off your ears. lol!