Saturday, May 24, 2014

In loving memory of those canine American patriots...

Sallie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

She given to First Lieutenant William R. Terry of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry as a four week old puppy. She grew up with the Civil War soldiers, and also loved practicing marching with them and waking them up. She was taken twice by the confederates, but always returned home. She would stand over the dead and wounded after battles.
Sadly, months before General Lee surrendered she went into battle and was hit in the head by a bullet on February 6th, 1865.

Rags the Cairn Terrier.

Rags was a Cairn Terrier mix who served as the mascot of the 1st Infantry Division during World War I. Though he was a small dog, Rags relayed messages from the front lines. His greatest moment of heroism came during the Meuse-Argonne Campaign in 1918, when he ran a vital message through falling bombs. Although the terrier was gassed and partially blinded, he survived.

Smoky the Yorkshire Terrier.

Smoky served in the South Pacific with 5th. Air Force, 26the Photo Recon Squadron and flew 12 air/sea and photoreconnaissance missions. Smoky was credited with 12 combat missions and awarded 8 battle stars. Smoky went through 150 air raids on New Guinea and made it out alive from a typhoon at Okinawa. Smoky even had a special parachute made especially for her.

Lex the German Shepherd.

Lex is a German Shepherd that served in Iraq alongside Cpl. Dustin Lee. Lee was killed in a mortar attack outside Falluja with Lex by his side. The German Shepherd was so faithful to his handler that he had to be pulled away from him to allow medics to attend to Lee. The dog sustained some shrapnel wounds. Lex was present at Lee’s funeral and comforted his younger siblings.

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Peri said...

It is right and proper to honor these four legged heroes and I applaud you for doing so. Every day, a military dog somewhere works hard to help his/her human stay safe. Many of these brave dogs die in service to their country. From Sallie on forward to the dogs lost in all of the wars, I say "Sleep well Faithful One. You were loved by those around you and remembered by those who have heard of you. YOU WERE AWESOME. Now, rest well."

Carol Roll said...

Wonderful Stella!