Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing."

The other day Mommy and Daddy had company and we were all outside enjoying the beautiful day.
Well, I was able to gobble me up some crow poo without anybody noticing. **snicker**

Now I feel like H-E-double hockey sticks and I'm shooting nasty, liquid "fireworks" out of my pooper.
Too much information?? Hey, you're the one sitting there reading this. ((giggle))

 photo sickstella_zpsffb96f55.jpg

Anyway, even Alka-Seltzer can't help me.
Which is why I'm on an antibiotic.

Daddy has to stop at the grocery store before he comes home because I need to eat something bland for a few days until I feel better.

In the meantime, Mommy is trying to keep me contained to one area.
She has a roll of paper towels in one hand and a gas mask in the other.
I find the gas mask a little insulting.
I'm mean really... I'm too adorable to stink that bad.
Besides, she could use a clothespin.
She's such a drama queen.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Penny said...

You sure do look like you're not feeling very well, sorry you are sick. I hope you learned a lesson and don't eat any more of that nasty stuff! (what are the chances of that?!) Feel better soon!!

Earlene L. said...

You sure do look sick you poor thing!
You worry your mom to death! Stop it!

Raymond Homestead said...

Poor Stella, you look miserable. Can't wait till your back to your awesome self!

Carol Roll said...

Oh sweetie, i wish i could just pick you up and love on you. Archie and Henry send their love and well wishes, Archie says next time just roll in it!

marly said...

I really needed a laugh. Thank you Stella. You couldn't have posed for a more appropriate photo.