Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hi. This is me and my new, yellow rubber ball.

 photo newball1_zpse3f62dcb.jpg
I have mastered panting all while not letting go of my new, yellow rubber ball.

Mommy got me a new ball because I was sick.
But I'm all better now.

This weekend while Mommy was painting the upstairs floor, I leaped over her roller and ran through the freshly painted pine floor boards.
(I never saw Mommy move so fast to grab me.)

I thought it was a good idea to chew a hole in her vintage bedroom area rug.
(I never saw Mommy move so fast to grab me.)

Then I decided to pee on the couch cushion.
(Again, I never saw Mommy move so fast to grab me.)

Later that day I thought it would be a nice gesture to leave a "skid mark" on her braided rug.
(You guessed it. I never saw Mommy move so fast to grab me.)

Yes I'm definitely all better now.
(Mommy must be taking her Geritol.)

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Penny said...

Oh dear, you are a handful, Stella! But you are a cute and awesome handful, so that's good! A wheaton terrier we had years ago ran right into the pan of paint I had sitting on the floor, then ran all over the floors (tiled, thank goodness!) before we could get her outside and try to clean her off. You puppies are soooooo helpful around the house!! Hugs to you and your track-star mommy!!

tj said...

...Oh dear Miss Stella, you must be doing something right for Mommy to buy you a new toy after all of that! You are a lil' pistol! ;o)

...Bless Mommy's heart for doing what she does all in the name of love. :o)

...Be a good girl now Stella, 'kay?

...Peace & blessings. :o)

Carol Roll said...

Stella that face! no wonder your momma makes sure you have your favorite toys!

Peri said...

Panting while holding a yellow rubber ball...neat skill to have! Your Mommy must be so happy that you are up and about and running and playing...and getting better.....she is happy to run fast and grab you I am sure! Be a happy dog, sweet friend,

Raymond Homestead said...

You sure are one ornery pup Miss Stella, AWESOME, but ornery!