Thursday, February 27, 2014

When you're awesome like me,

great things happen!
Like today for example.
A man in a big brown truck dropped off this box.
It's for me
and Gracie only!

 photo chewy1_zps050805f1.jpg

Oooooh! It's
our my dog food that the local pet store decided it will no longer carry and they also never responded to Mommy after she contacted them.
She was pretty ticked off about that and it takes a lot to tick Mommy off.
I mean, c'mon! Look at the crap I get away with around here! ((giggle))

Anyway, Mommy is happy now because it will get delivered right to our house through an online company called
AND you can have something called "autoship. " That means they'll automatically ship it to you on any schedule you want!

AND it's free shipping over 49 bucks!
AND it arrived in ONE day!
AND Mommy doesn't have to waste all her gas driving waaaay into town to that pet store!

How awesome is that?!

 photo chewy2_zps4fb944a0.jpg

As awesome as me?!

 photo chewy3_zps6424373d.jpg

Okay, let's not go overboard.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Susan said...

Num, num, num!!!

Peri said...

I think it sounds great! CatDaddy has our food auto shipped! I don't care so long as I get it..all of it is MINE!
Zipper, TGC
(because I am The Golden Cat and THAT is awesome like YOU)

Carol Roll said...

Thank you Stella for the food recommendation, Archie and Henry Love it!

Raymond Homestead said...

That is very awesome Stella! Yummy for your tummy!