Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, to my favorite President... George Washington!!

Guess what else???

We both have something in common.


 photo george_zpse79b4d63.jpg

Just think if I was around back then!
The first American President with the first American breed??!!

He could tell me how as a young teen he was a land surveyor and I could tell him how I eat anything I see on the ground.

How he held together a destitute army through the long and terrible winter at Valley Forge and how I have gas when I stretch, sleep or just stand there.

How he sacrificed his desire for a quiet retirement to serve as the first President and how I get separation anxiety and barf when I'm left alone.

Okay. So maybe he's a little more awesome than me.

We still would have made an awesome team!

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Peri said...

From what I have read he would have liked you! He also enjoyed his food! Like most humans, he probably had gas when he stretched..just like you! Like you he was awesome..just the right size for who he was, handsome, well dressed all the time, and he didn't like being separated from loved ones! Good team, I think!