Monday, January 27, 2014

Wanna know why I'm pretty in pink??

 photo pinkish_zpsa54c04be.jpg

It's because the most awesome thing happened to me!!

You ready to hear about???

Okay. Well... Mommy decided to roast a whole chicken. Boy did it smell good too. BUT I can't have chicken because I'm allergic to all poultry. Phooey!

Anyways, I sat and watched Mommy take it out of the oven, put it on her fancy-shmancy cutting board and start carving it up. She then put some on the dinner plates and headed over to the table.

As Mommy and Daddy enjoyed their delicious dinner, Mommy noticed I wasn't anywhere near the table which I'm always near, especially when there's food!!

Little did she know, I had other plans.

Lucky for me, that fancy-schmancy cutting board had a split in it. So ALL the chicken juice was dripping through the board, then off the counter and all over the top of my head. It was freakin' awesome!! I was lapping up everything in sight!

I even had it in my ears and all down the front of my chest!

Which leads to why I'm now pretty in pink.
As I mentioned, I am allergic to poultry.

So for dessert, Mommy gave me a grape flavored Childrens Benadryl and a bath.

Hopefully tonight she'll turn down my bed and leave me little treats on my pillow.

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Earlene Landis said...

Wow!!!! Your sure are a bright pink!!!! Makes me itch!!!!!!
Get better soon.

Penny said...

Sounds like you sure did enjoy it while you could!! And I hope the benadryl and bath made you feel better afterward!

Peri said...

Well, pink IS the color for girls....and sometimes you have to suffer to be beautiful...but sometimes it is just plain fun and since your allergy isn't really life threatening like you can't breathe if you see a chicken, everyone learned something! You got to taste great chicken juice, show off pink trim, have some wonderful grape Benadryl (I like it) in a lovely bath. Mommy learned it is smart to upgrade cutting boards! Sounds like a good day to me!

Carol Roll said...

It always makes me smile to read your blog. Stella i'm betting it was all worth it!

Raymond Homestead said...

You silly!

Peri said...

Wow! Sounds tasty to me...who cares if they get pink and a little itchy? It was worth it, right? I have been at the "SPA" (CatDaddy thinks I don't know I was at the vet's place...boring) because CatMomma broke her elbow. While I was gone they got another dog! She is not awesome like you. Just hops around on her 3 legs and sleeps on MY ottoman in the office! Please come visit me so I will have one dog friend here. The German Shepherds are TOO big! Not awesome like you.
Your friend who is finally home,
Zipper, the not pink cat