Monday, January 13, 2014

It's not easy being...

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You thought I was going say green, huh?
Silly you. I'm not green. Or a frog. I'm not a Muppet either.

But I do think I'd look gorgeous with Miss Piggy's long, blonde hair. Then Kermit would love me more than her.

Could you blame him??

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Peri said...

You are is NOT easy being awesome.. I keep telling the younger ones (Bryn and Mackie Cat) that one must work constantly to remain awesome. They do not listen and they are getting fat. I think long blonde hair is lovely, except my hair is mid length and a wonderful red-gold shade with cinnamon highlights. I am the Golden Cat and I too am awesome.
Though not as much as are my role model. Kermit would of course love you the most...who would not??
Yours in awesomeness,
Zipper, TGC

Raymond Homestead said...

No, it's not easy being awesome but you handle it well!