Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Look what I can do!

Now that I found my voice, I can't keep quiet.

Hope Mommy bought another bottle of Excedrin.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Itchy.

When I first got here, Mommy noticed I had some rusty brown tear staining down my snout and I scratched a lot. Especially around my ears and my legs. Even the fur around my eyes is thin.

Is that me or Matt Lauer??
(I may need a comb-over.)


I also have an itchy butt. Do you know how hard it is for me to scratch an itch on my butt? You humans have it easy.

Well Mommy assumed it was the corn and wheat puppy food I was given at the breeder's. She switched me to some yummy no grain puppy food. But the itching didn't stop at all! Then a light bulb went on in Mommy's noggin. CHICKEN! Ah-ha!! That has to be the culprit.
She told me my sister Darla (who I never got to meet) had skin problems for most of her life until she figured out it was poultry. Many Boston Terriers have a poultry allergy but they don't know it.

Here's Darla at her worst. Daddy said she looked like Keith Richards. She even had that icky rusty brown staining on her legs and paws.
(I bet Keith does too.)


Here's Darla after steering clear of any poultry.


So yesterday she made asked Daddy to stop at the pet store and pick up an all fish dog food. She wrote down the brand and the kind so he wouldn't forget.

When Daddy came home he plopped my new dog food on the table. But guess what?? He bought the wrong one!
Uh-oh. Mommy's head started to spin like Linda Blair's, as she loudly said, "Are you kidding me?? You bought the wrong one??!! I wrote it down!! I'm gonna kill you!" I'm pretty sure she didn't mean that last part. But Daddy may want to sleep with one eye open.

Thankfully, Mommy had another dog food that contained no poultry, so I'm eating that until he goes back to the pet store. I did get treated to some boiled cod with boiled sweet potato and zucchini. Boy, was that good! I was so excited to eat that dish, I smeared it all over the place as I ate. I'm sure Emily Post would have been mortified.

Gracie still hates me. She's always giving me the stink eye. She acts all tough when she's up on the couch and I'm on the floor. But as soon as she's down to my level she either runs to Mommy or Daddy for protection or she bolts and runs upstairs where it's safe... For now. Wait 'til I learn how to climb stairs. Bwa-ha-ha!!

The other day she did let me jump all over her. But I think it was because she was frozen stiff from fear. Daddy's getting frustrated because she's not standing up to me. Mommy says it's just going to take time.

Well, I'd better go. Mommy thinks I'm going to take a nap. She doesn't have a clue! ((giggle))

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am too smart for my own good.

That's what Daddy keeps telling me.


He put up a critter fence between the two rooms to keep me and Gracie apart. (I would have chewed through a baby gate.)
Here it is. See...


But since I'm a "problem solver" I figured out that if I jumped high enough, I could stick my head through one of the bigger holes near the top to get to my sister.

When Mommy saw me do that she almost had something called a stroke. Not sure what that is but I scared the bejeepers out of her.

So down came the fence.
My trick worked! I can put away my wire cutters I had hidden in my dog bed.

Here I am being coy. I get whatever I want with this look. Like taking candy from a baby.

I'm finally weaned off that Puppy Chow and boy I feel like a million bucks! I have lots more energy and no more stinky gas! Talk about a weapon of mass destruction. I could have taken out a small country with one of mine.
But I did have a butt whistle yesterday. Must have been a leftover one.

Look! Daddy came home from work yesterday with a present for me! How I love Daddy! How I love presents! But I think I love presents a little more. Shhh. Don't tell him.
Gracie got one too. Have I mentioned she still doesn't like me? I know!! What's not to like?!

Okay, I gotta go. I hear Gracie's toenails clicking around the kitchen. Time to try and torture play with her!!


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There he sat...

waiting for me to react.


He looked just like one of my brothers. Could it be??? I had to investigate. But there was no time for that! I had to move quickly!
I ran at him full bore! At the last second, I pounced! Then...
Did you know birdies and stars really do fly around your head? I never thought those cartoons were factual.
So, he IS heavy and he AIN'T my brother. Oh well.

Here's the view Gracie has of me. (She still hates me)
She's on the other side of the French doors that Mommy really needs to clean. There's Mommy's old laptop she uses to try to escape me even though I'm sitting on her lap. Oh and there's the hairclip I like to rip out of her hair.

I also like to chew her eyelashes when she's sleeping.

Here are my legs. I think they're better than Betty Grable's.

Here's my wrinkly butt.

Being awesome can be so exhausting.

I am such an angel.
When I'm asleep.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here I am!!!

Guess what??

I had my first vet visit yesterday. I was quite the celebrity! People were falling all over me and wanted to be near me. Now I know how Beyonce feels.
And you know what else? The vet lady kept giving me puppy kisses the whole time I was there! She said she couldn't help herself. I have that affect on people. (I bet Beyonce knows how that is too. Maybe I should wear a leotard.)

She also loved all my extra loose skin. I'm so wrinkly and soft!!
At the moment, I have the profile of Alfred Hitchcock. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I lose the chin. I find myself wanting to say, "Good Evening" all the time.

The vet lady said I look great. (But I already knew that) My heart is strong and my lungs sound good. Mommy and Daddy where happy and relieved. Us Bostons are known to have problems.

Okay. Here are some pics of me.

My favorite place to sleep is right here, on Mommy's lap. She sits like an Indian and I curl right up.

This is where I sit when I'm hungry. (Which is all the time, so I don't move much.)

This is me after I eat.

See how I have little white hairs on the tip of my ear.
I know, cute huh?

This is me after we got back from the vet.

This is Mommy trying to take a picture of me. But I would rather chew on the camera strap. I think Beyonce does that to the paparazzi.

Yesterday, Mommy insisted Daddy bring up "the cage" from the basement. Neither of them like the idea of caging us. But Mommy's stressed, tired and won the argument.

Truthfully, it's kinda growing on me. Mommy made it like a cool fort. But she hasn't closed the door yet. Not sure how I'll react when she does.
Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one.


Okay, I've gotta go. I'm starting to get hungry so I'd better take my position.

Until next time!

Oh!! One more thing.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013



I have bad gas.
Unfortunately, I forgot to pack an air freshener spray.

But mommy says not to worry. She is going to wean me off the dog food I've been getting and switch me to a no grains dog food.
She promises I won't have stinky butt anymore. Thank goodness because I could clear a room.
I tried the ol' "pull my toe" joke, but no one got it.

This morning, Mommy took a washcloth to my face. As you can see, my pinkness is starting to show through.

Gracie still hates me. Although she did get a little closer to me to investigate. But as soon as I popped my head up she growled and ran.


Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

But on a lighter note... I'm still "doing my business" on the pee-pee towel!

Oh and mommy got no sleep last night.
C'mon now, did she really think she would?

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm here!!!!!!!

I'm finally home!! YaY!!! And guess what?!
I'm full of you know what and vinegar! I'm also running around the house like I own the joint.

I made a beeline to chew on the coffee table leg, but mommy said, "No!" So I made another beeline to the braided area rug and started to chew. Again, mommy said, "No!"

Little does she know, I already started a teeny hole in my dog bed. ((giggle))


I really need a bath. No, I don't clean chimneys. It's ink from all the newspapers on the floor at breeder lady's place.
I promised mommy I'd shine up like a new penny once I can get a good scubbin'. But for now I'll get a quick sponge bath.


Mommy put down a pee-pee/poopie towel for me because it's waaaaay to cold to go outside.
I did pee-pee three times and poopie once! All on the towel!!!
Go ahead... Tell me how awesome I am!!


I met my new sister.
Ummm... I don't think she is too crazy about me. As soon as I pranced towards her to play, she pulled a "Scooby Doo."
After frantically running in place she finally got enough traction to take off like a bat out of heck.

She ended up here. On top of daddy.

She then spent the afternoon like this.


I know if she would just give me a chance, she would love me. But I'm having a little bit of a problem controlling myself when I see her.

Well, after all my playing and scaring Gracie, I did this...


And then I did this...


I really love my new home.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

This made me LOL...

I really don't know what "LOL" means, but I see it a lot on the internet.
So I will assume it works for this photo.


Barbie may be small but she can be very intimidating.
Especially when she sneaks up on you.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello world!!

My name is Stella and welcome to my blog!
Many of you know I'll be heading to my new home in about three days! I'm so excited!! (Can someone teach me how to do a puppy cartwheel?!)


Rumor has it they have all kinds of furniture for me to gnaw on.
Does my human mommy and daddy really think they can deter me with new chew toys?! Pfft. Chew toys are for amateurs. I prefer to sink my needle teeth into hard maple. Or oak. Oh and area rugs. Area rugs are good too.

I'm sure many of you are wondering why my "About Me" shows my human mommy. You see the legal age to have your own blog on Blogger is 13. I'm only 8 weeks old. So do the math. I had no choice but to go in under her name.

Jeepers, I hope my new home has a computer low enough for me to reach. You have no idea what I had to do to type this.

Feel free to comment. I love to chat! Also why not follow me?
Over there on the right side. ---------->
I have a lot to say about life and you won't want to miss it.

Well, I just wanted to give you a heads up on what I've been doing.

See you this weekend!! Or maybe sooner!!

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