Thursday, October 24, 2013

She's at it again!

I woke up from my slumber to find Mommy had rearranged the living room!

 photo couchstel3_zps662080c5.jpg

What the heck is wrong with her?!
I don't like this new set up at all!

 photo couchstel2_zps8f7c7c65.jpg

I have a routine I follow every single day! It involves sitting on the back of the couch and staring out the side living room window.

I can see everything out the side window. Like Mommy mowing the lawn, Mommy raking the leaves, Daddy coming home from work and Mr. Paul the mail man bringing us mail. Not anymore!

Now all I can see are stupid cars and trucks going by. And what's with the dumb tic tac toe lines in these windows?!
I don't like change!

 photo couchstel1_zps9d184d74.jpg

Will someone please come over and help me put everything back the way it was?

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Michelle said...

I am sorry Stella....what is her reason for doing that? Next time she gets the urge to do that, tell her to take you for a long walk instead.

Alison said...

Poor Stella, but I think it's something you may have to get used to. Your mom is a bit crazy when it comes to decorating.


Peri said... goes:You tell Daddy that you will be really good if he will help you move the furniture back the way it was...he probably will because most Dads don't like change either! Then tonight while Mommy is sleeping you, Gracie and Daddy can put it all back the right way! Leave a note: Do Not Move My Stuff Around and sign it THE HOUSE. Then you, Gracie and Daddy all go to be and be surprised in the morning!!
It MIGHT work....let me know!
Your friend,

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Mommy is a lot crazy! She'll take me for a walk or a ride in the car and still move stuff around the house.
She told Daddy she did that to get the room ready next month for the Christmas tree. She said it will need to be tucked in the corner otherwise I will tear it apart. How does she know that?! I don't even know what a Christmas tree is! (But it sure sounds like something I might like)
Hey Zipper, I'll give it a try!

Raymond Homestead said...

Just set mommy down and have a nice chat with her!