Wednesday, October 2, 2013

She found my Nemesis!

I didn't think she would but she did!!

No, it's not Apple Bitter or Bitter Yuck.

It's the dreaded water spray bottle!

 photo 0334ece8-ded0-4ee8-a15b-14e68bfc11fd_zpsf3834627.jpg

Now whenever I try to have some "fun" like chew on the braided rugs, chew on the wood furniture, chew on the pillows or dig a hole to China through the couch cushion, Mommy shoots me in the butt with a stream of water!
She can get me clear across a room!
It happens so fast I spin around wondering where the heck it came from!

She's got good aim too. Must be all that target practice she does.

 photo men_zps157f10e2.jpg

D*mn that Second Amendment!

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Michelle said...

LOL...good think you aren't a boy Stella as you could get your own revenge. hee hee.

Peri said...

That seems to be a thing with people..spray bottles. I dislike them too! CatDaddy has one that is used on ANTS and it smells like oranges and I really dislike oranges! Yucky smell. Be glad you got water!! Our house stinks of oranges. Even our ants don't get to have fun!!
Your friend in CA,

Raymond Homestead said...

Well I don't know about you Stella but when I spray my cat with water, he seems to like it, can you believe it?

Alison said...

I always found that old bottle a great help with naughty cats too Stella.