Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hmmm. What does Gracie have???

Looks to me like a gnarly Nylabone.

 photo st00_zps8e4c6768.jpg

I want that bone.

 photo st0_zps476e1804.jpg

First, I'll try the stare down...

 photo st2_zps5d915454.jpg

Next, intimidation...
Still nothing.

 photo st3_zps6e97b9ee.jpg

Ooooh!! If I stare at the bone long enough, I can use my telekinesis powers like Carrie!

 photo st1_zps03b6d655.jpg


 photo 7882ad51-a07e-4064-bcad-46fb41e5d5ba_zps0237bc83.jpg

Maybe I should have put on my prom dress.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Peri said...

You should have watched a different movie--Rambo! Then you would have just rushed in, shouldered Gracie aside, grabbed the bone, kicked her in the chin with a back paw as you leapt off the sofa and dashed into the kitchen with your prize! You should be channeling Sly Stone...yeah, definitely. OR you could just wait to see when Gracie has to go to the bathroom and steal the bone then!

Raymond Homestead said...

I especially love the look on your face in that first picture, lol!

Primitive Stars said...

You are soooo sweet Stella, maybe try barking as if someone is at the door, she might follow, then nab the bone, Hugs Francine.

Carol Roll said...

What does Gracie have? An Awsome sister!