Monday, September 30, 2013

We went leaf peeping!

Just me and Mommy!! No Gracie!

It was AWESOME and so was I!! I sat and smelled the air as I looked out the window.

Ooooh, is that a sugar maple???

 photo lepeep1_zpse65d9725.jpg

It's still not quite leaf peeping peak around here but it will be!

Mommy says she'll take me again in a few days.

Gracie will stay home again.
Gracie + Jeep Ride = A Pain.
Like a pimple on your butt.

 photo lepeep2_zpsea033c78.jpg

 photo lepeep3_zps2f54be2a.jpg

After we got home, Mommy and Daddy played Frisbee with me!!


 photo lepeep4_zps737aad82.jpg


 photo lepeep5_zps96cdc694.jpg

The wild, awesome BT stalks her Chihuahua prey....
(She'll never know what hit her)

 photo lepeep6_zps925b0d56.jpg

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Peri said...

Ah Stella,
The joys of Autumn! Have fun my little friend! It is wonderful to see you playing this way. One caution however, don't stick your head out the window while the car is moving because you aren't wearing goggles and you might get something in your beautiful eyes. Stupid, but it happens! Doggie goggles might be a lovely gift that Daddy could give you!!
Run Stella! Run fast! Sleep well.

Raymond Homestead said...

Glad you are enjoying the nice fall weather!

Susan said...

Looks like Mommy remembered her glasses!

Carol Roll said...

That face in picture of Stella running towards you is too funny! she is a MESS!!!!
So Adorable!