Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's been one year since Mommy, Daddy and Gracie had to say goodbye to my sister Darla.

Knowing how sad my Mommy is, her friend and Henry and Archie's mom Miss Carol said she had hoped we'd do something nice in honor of "the wonderful QUEEN Boston Darla."
Mommy thought that was a great idea!

Since this is Mommy's favorite time of year, she thought we'd all pile in the Jeep and go to a pumpkin farm to get pumpkins! YaY!!
I think Darla would have loved that!

So Mommy loaded us and Daddy in the Jeep and brought her camera to capture this special moment.

Well... Gracie became possessed as soon as Daddy accelerated. (Big surprise there)
But Mommy wasn't deterred with Gracie's shenanigans. She was going to make this a fun time even if she had to kill us. ((giggle))

So Mommy grabbed her camera and started snapping. The only problem was, Mommy forgot her glasses and couldn't see the settings on her camera. So everything came out blurry.

Here's my head...

 photo peep6_zps81371d8e.jpg

Here's my legs.

 photo peep3_zps6082afdc.jpg

Here's psycho Gracie.

 photo peep2_zps7231aa27.jpg

Ooooh this one would have been pretty...

 photo peep1_zps7371f19d.jpg

and this one!

 photo peep4_zps6b097ae1.jpg

Oooooh and how about this one?!

 photo peep5_zps290c5403.jpg

Mommy didn't take any pictures at the pumpkin farm because she was too embarrassed. As we sat in the Jeep waiting for her, Gracie barked at the top of her lungs the whole time. Daddy even put the windows up but everyone could still hear her.

So after we got home Mommy decided every year on Darla's anniversary, me and her will go get pumpkins. Daddy and Gracie will stay home.

That's fine with me! We'll be like Starsky and Hutch! Crockett and Tubbs! Bo and Luke Duke!

Only Mommy's not a cop... And she's a girl... And drives a Jeep and not a Gran Torino... Or a Ferrari... Or the General Lee... And I'm a dog... So we can't be cousins.
But you know what I mean.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Peri said...

It sounds like a wonderful idea! I am sorry your Mommy forgot her "eyes"...but the pictures look just like the way I see the world when I forget MY glasses! I think pumpkins are a great anniversary idea! HookyCat loved "Mother's Tea Time English Cookies" so that is what I am eating for my after dinner treat tonight..not as much fun as a ride with a psycho dog and family, but fun for me. I am sure Queen Boston Darla would approve of the anniversary trip and I think you are smart to not involve your Daddy and Gracie next year. I, however, can share my anniversary treat with Zipper, the golden cat! He doesn't like to go on rides either!!

Susan said...

The thing that is so weird is that I completely understood those last two paragraphs. I'm so glad Mommy has schooled you on the good old days of television. Glad you had fun, too.

Carol Roll said...

We will always remember the grande dame and first in the Pender Boston lineage!