Sunday, September 22, 2013

First day of Autumn ROAD TRIP!!

I went on my first real road trip with my family!! Three whole hours in the Jeep!

Unfortunately, Mommy couldn't take any pictures because my sister Gracie was absolutely HORRIBLE!
Of course, I was on my best behavior and completely awesome. Like you didn't already know that.

Since Gracie doesn't travel well, Mommy wanted to leave her home. But when we tried to leave, Gracie got all drama queenish and started whining, crying and carrying on. Daddy felt so bad, he picked her up and in the Jeep she went.

Mommy sat in the back seat with us thinking Gracie would be better. She was dead wrong.
Three hours of crying, whining and barking. Every time Daddy slowed down, Gracie jumped up and started barking. It was even worse when he came to a stoplight!!

Then when Daddy stopped and went into Dunkin Donuts, Gracie went (as Mommy calls it) "batsh*t crazy!!" Mommy had to use a Greco-Roman wrestling move to subdue her.
Mommy used to be a MMA Cage Fighter!!
Ummm, that's not true.

Anyway, I was awesome the whole time. Not a peep out of me. I sat on my pillow like a good girl, while Gracie's head spun around and projectile pea soup came flying out of her mouth.
Ummm, that last part isn't true either. But I bet it would have happened eventually.

So here's the only picture Mommy took. It's of me and Gracie in our dog bed after we got home.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Raymond Homestead said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for the laughs Stella. I could just picture all that in my mind! I'm still laughing!

Peri said...

I am so glad I was not along for that ride! Now we know the truth about Gracie, the perfect dog!! Glad you didn't get hit by the projectile pea soup...oh I know it didn't happen, but if it HAD, I am glad you would have escaped it!
Since Zipper the golden cat also goes batsh*t crazy in the car, I understand perfectly!! This is why he is ALWAYS in a carrier...with a blanket over it!!
Maybe Daddy knew what would happen and just likes to drive fast without slowing down!! Like in that movie about the bus...maybe Gracie was afraid there was a bomb under the car! Next time, they should show her the underneath of the car before she gets inside!!
YOU were an awesome pup of course. Thanks for setting a good example. Zipper and I are proud of you!