Saturday, August 3, 2013

Look what I can do!!

 photo badste1_zpsd0bc4919.jpg

and this...

 photo badstel3_zps73253448.jpg

and this, again.

 photo badstel2_zps1f8e27b8.jpg

I can do this too...

 photo badstel5_zps2daa0323.jpg

I bet you think my toenails really need a clipping, huh?
So does Mommy and Daddy.
Oh and believe me they have tried everything under the sun too!
But I won't have any part of it! No-siree-bob!

Absolutely under no circumstances is anyone to touch, grab, point to, look at or even speak of my toenails!

 photo badstel4_zpsdb211251.jpg

Pffft... Even Cesar Millan's "whispering" technique didn't work on me.

They're gonna have to knock me out to cut these babies!
Which will probably happen when I get spayed this month.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Judi Hunziker said...

Oh Stella! You certainly are a costly little critter with your puppy antics.

Peri said...

Looks to me like you might just be bored and need to go outside and stay where it is more interesting. Then when you get bored you can tear up grass and dirt instead of other stuff. You are really not being so awesome are too old to be this destructive just for fun. And having toenails too long can affect your toes and make you walk wrong and you will end up at the vet for a hip operation. Let them cut your nails and start being a good pup again. I am going to hate telling Zipper that you are misbehaving!!

Raymond Homestead said...

I always love to see how talented you are Stella but maybe you should slow down just a wee bit, you know, let mommy and daddy get use to one talent at a time! You see, when people aren't as awesome as you, it can be quite overwhelming!

Peri said...

Hey Stella!
I just got home and I see you have been, well, "active". You need to chill my B & W dog friend! Use your brain and come up with a new something that you have never done that will totally freak out your Mommy and Daddy! Like playing dead with all four paws in the air and not responding no matter what they do until they panic and run to call the vet. Then you bark and roll over and go about your day. Do it several times in a couple of days...they will be nuts!!
Let them pick up your feet and when you see the clippers start to scream like you are being tortured...BEFORE they touch you! Fun stuff like that!!
I am so glad to be back home that I think I will pull the dead cat routine myself!
Much love,

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Can you believe how talented I am???!!! I do this kind of talent every single day! Mommy and Daddy are so lucky to have me around to show them my awesome talents!