Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm nervous.

Tomorrow is the "big day."

 photo stelgrac1_zpsb435493e.jpg

I have my spay surgery. Mommy told me she has to bring me to the vet's office bright and early in the morning.

She also said I can't eat any breakfast!!!
I can't eat?! I ALWAYS eat first thing when I get up!! I will waste away like Kate Moss!

Then she says I have to stay overnight??!!!
I can't come home the same day?!
I don't want to stay in that scary place!! I want to be with my family!
Mommy is going to leave my blankie with me but that's not the same!

I am not liking this at all!!

BUT Daddy says he has a surprise for me. Mommy ordered it and it should be here next week.

Ooooooh!!! I've got my paws crossed that it's this thing!!

 photo dc761556-45ef-4a5d-9c60-a5bf8c91c522_zps039a2b72.jpg

I'm gonna pray to the Big Guy Upstairs that everything will be okay.

I would really appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts too.

Jeez, I hope the doctor doesn't plan on doing more than just my spay surgery.

The last thing I need is to come home looking like Joan Rivers.

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Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Oh Stella - you are going to be just fine.
God will be watching out for you!

Michelle said...

LOL....I was wondering when your special day was going to be. Stella...when you get home, MILK IT FOR EVERYTHING YOU GOT. Make mommy, daddy and even Gracie wait on you hand and paw!

Raymond Homestead said...

It will be ok Stella, I will say a prayer for you! Puppy hugs!

Peri said...

I have had the spay surgery and it is nothing really. You get a quick shot that makes you sleepy and when you wake up you are still a little drowsy but you don't hurt or anything mean like that. I kept wanting to lick my tummy so they let me wear an awesome cone thing..CONEHEAD!!! to keep me from doing that. I looked SO COOL!! Don't worry, Little One, it will be fine. I will say the correct doggie prayers for you. I will tell Zipper and he and Brynn and Mackie will pray as well. I think CatDaddy has a direct line to the Big Guy Upstairs, too. You will be home and playing with a new special toy in no time at all. Think of go, you sleep, you look awesome in your special collar and no Gracie to annoy you!!!!
Tessa, Zipper's new dog sister!

Judi Hunziker said...

Oh Stella, don't worry, you will be back home in no time and just think of all the ways you can prove that your new toy may not be "guaranteed to last!" Hugs and prayers from Cooper's mommy,♥

Earlene Landis said...

Let us know when you get home.

tattered 'n torn prims said...

(typed by Stacey as dictated by Bella) Oh dear Stella.....I had that surgery at the scary place about 6 weeks ago.....and it was no biggy!! Those silly doctor people said I wasn't allowed to jump......or run.....or have any kind of fun....but.....HA!!!! They don't know me do they!! You'll be good as new girlfriend....and able to eat all of your mommies new slippers in no time!! BTW though......say no when they start talking about breast implants!! I saw a girl there who got 'em and ooooooo boy!! Not a good look!! :O) Big prayers for a speedy recovery!!

Susan said...

Ummm, I think you already look a bit like Joan Rivers. I'm just sayin'. It'll be a breeze and you'll be terrorizing Grace sooner than you think. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!

Carol Roll said...

Love you girl and all will be fine.