Friday, August 9, 2013


You wanna know how much I love my new Frisbee????!!!

 photo 8682e3ae-6a83-4feb-9a48-7d28463ae90a_zpsea7d81d6.jpg


 photo 7d06e047-22c0-44f4-91e3-706c40ac51c6_zps5c8093fe.jpg

Did I forget to mention yesterday when Mommy wasn't looking, I ate a huge pile of rabbit turds?
But I could have used some ketchup.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Judi Hunziker said...

Hey Stella, this Cooper. I am in heaven now so I won't be able to read about your adventures but my Mommy said she would because you are AWESOME!

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Coop, you're with the Big Guy Upstairs?? I am very sad you had to leave us here on earth. Your Mommy took super good care of you down here. But now it's His turn. By the way, He's awesome too!

When you see my sisters Darla and Hannah, tell them I said hi and I wish I got to meet them. I'm sure I will some day. I'll get to meet you too, my friend! But for now I will miss you. ♥

Peri said...

Like you, I am sad that Cooper's Mommy had to lose him but he gets to be in a great place! His Mommy is right, you ARE awesome. Only an awesome dog could so very much love a Frisbee thing to so carefully take it apart without hurting it!! I bet you can do the same thing to the next one you get too! You are really good at liberating the wonderful yellow part! Yellow is a wonderful color!

Carol Roll said...

OMG so funny!!!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Oh my gosh Stella!! You are just sooooo precious.....and busy!! :O) I'm pretty sure they have frisbee in the doggy olympics so keep practicing!! :O)

maria said...

I'm wondering if Stella is related to Linda Blair???
I feel that Stella was Linda's dog in a previous life.
If that is the case, you know what to do next???
No, don't call the Ghostbusters.

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Mommy does say I have a little devil in me! ((giggle))
But with a face like mine, no one can get mad it me!!! I'm just too awesome!!!