Sunday, July 28, 2013

It was an action packed Sunday!

Mommy and Daddy finally let me off the leash so I could run around! YaY!!

 photo sundaystella1_zpsc843c811.jpg

Oh what fun!!!

Mommy took video of me too but she's computer illiterate and can't figure out how to even watch it on her computer.
Maybe Daddy will put it on my blog for me. (I'll ask him.)

 photo sundaystella2_zps7ad372ad.jpg

Ummm. Please pardon my gigantic lady part in this next photo.
(How embarrassing)

 photo sundaystella3_zpseb298727.jpg

Now that I'm finally coming out of heat, it's starting to go down.
Whew! It was taking on a life of its own! I swear it was gonna start talking to me!

Anyway, here I am being cute...

 photo sundaystella4_zpsa460d9ad.jpg

and awesome.

 photo sundaystella5_zps7ee55d5c.jpg

Hope everyone had a great Sunday, like I did!

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif

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Peri said...

How wonderful that you finally got to run around in the great outdoors. It has been a long time since you have been able to do that. You surely look like you are having fun chasing Gracie....did she enjoy the game?? Hope she feels better, but then playing in soft grass has to be great fun after all the time on hard floors! Enjoy it, AD! (That is short for Awesome Dog of course)