Sunday, July 21, 2013


Have you missed me? I've been so busy! That's what happens when you're awesome.

Friday was Gracie's birthday! She turned 8.

Here's the birthday girl being "thrilled" (and walking away from the camera) about her very special day!

 photo 623264fe-8ace-4c04-9474-1933e0a78018_zps5416533e.jpg

We had a big party too! We had pupcakes with plain yogurt and played games like "Pin the Butt-Crack on the Human."
What fun!!

Guess what?! I'm STILL in heat! Can you believe it?! 30 days and counting. I'm going for the record.

I spent most of my weekend making my "usual mess" and stamping everything. Mommy keeps lying on the couch with a washcloth on her forehead saying, "Why me?!" and "When will this end?! I can't take it anymore!!"

Why her??!! I'm the one going through this, not her!! Hpmf!
She acts like all she does all day is clean up after me. Washing and drying my old sheets and blankies like four times a day!!
Wait a minute... She does do that.

Anyway, that's what I've been doing.

OH and guess what else?! The massive humidity wave finally broke and I got to go outside today! YaY me!!
But it didn't last long because boy, was that sun hot!
I started to get a little wobbly so Mommy made me go back inside. She's a buzzkill.

Well, I gotta go. Mommy just put down clean blankies on the couch!

 photo gracebirthday2_zpsafac2866.jpg

That's my cue to go stamp them.

See ya!!!

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Michelle said...

Yes Stella, we have missed you. Ask mommy to look into "puppy maxi pads". Will make her life easier and btw....WOW...30 days? Holy cow...tell your mom to call the vet and BLAME THEM.

Peri said...

Glad you are back, sweet pup! Zipper is visiting the lady vet for a while because we are having noisy work done at our house so I am writing...but I am willing to bet that he would declare 30 days in heat really hot! To survive it without complaint indicates how truly awesome you really are. On Zipper's behalf, I say, "Go. GO Stella and stamp those clean sheets!!"
For my part, I agree with Michelle...Mommy should call the vet because it might be awesome but it is going on too long.

Carol Roll said...
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Carol Roll said...

well first Happy Belated Birthday to Gracie!!!!
and second, Stella it'll all be over with soon just hang in there a few more days.

Peri said...

Having replied to Stella, this one is for Gracie!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
You're a lovely dog, Gracie!
Happy Birthday to you.
(and many,many more!)
CatDaddy and all the Urvek kitties AND our new dog Tessa!