Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crazy day yesterday!!

Guess what?!

When I woke up yesterday, I didn't leave a stamp mark anywhere!! Mommy looked all over too and found nothing. It stopped. YaY!! I'm awesome!

But when Gracie got up we noticed she was looking a little green around the gills.

 photo 0bb8a198-ae6f-4de7-b7f5-e5288065f0b5_zpsc901ec7e.jpg

She's always had problems with eating. Can you believe it?! A dog who doesn't want to eat!
She also has low blood sugar. If she doesn't eat, she has seizures.

Mommy cooked her up some boiled chicken breast and rice. Nothing. Then she boiled her up some hamburger and rice. Still nothing. Then she tried to tempt her with a tiny piece of chocolate chip cookie. She didn't go for it!
That's insanity!

So Mommy and Daddy decided since I stopped stamping, Daddy would bring Gracie to the vet instead.

Well she had lots of blood work and since she pooped on the vet's table, he also checked that. Can you believe she pooped on the table??!! Boy, I guess you can say that visit scared the poop right out of her! ((giggle))

Anyway the vet man said he'd call in the morning with her test results.

Well, he called. She fine. Everything is normal including the little butt nugget she left on the table.
Mommy needs to start giving her Pepcid AC.

Last month they spent 300 bucks on me to find out I had a bellyache.

This month they spent 165 bucks to find out Gracie has acid reflux.

Makes you wonder what the heck is going on with our food supply???

Not only do you humans suffer. Now us furryfolk do too.


 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Carol Roll said...

Gracie hope your feeling better today and Stella glad your doing better as well.

Michelle said...

Poor Gracie.

Stella, this would be a nice time for you to share your toys and bone with her!

And are in for a special treat when mommy takes you in to get "fixed."

Peri said...

Stella, I agree with Michelle! Share your bone with Gracie and let her get some sleep without bugging her a while. Being a good sister is an awesome thing, sweetie! Maybe Gracie ate a bug that didn't agree with her....that can cause acid least it did for HookyCat!
As for you not stamping anymore, it was an awesome thing to do, but I bet you did it just to avoid going to the lady vet!!
Tessa says that getting spayed is just going to sleep for a while and waking up a bit groggy and sore for a day or so. Then you don't stamp anymore!! Cool!! No more heat!! YAY!
But be careful what you and Gracie eat that Mommy doesn't give tests are expensive and sick dogs are scary for Mommies.

Peri said...

Oh, Stella, tell Gracie that my sister, Susan also has acid reflux!! She understands how it feels.

Stella BostonTerrier said...

I did have a little "dribble" this morning. But nothing to write home about. Mommy figures I have something called "prolonged heat." But once I get fixed, I won't have anymore worries! YaY me!! Then that little Chihuahua boy down the road will stop eying me when he walks by.
Mommy is really strict with our diets and she watches us like a hawk when we're outside. Truthfully, she's quite obnoxious when it comes to us being outside. She's all over us if we even think about putting something in our mouth.

Raymond Homestead said...

You and Gracie are having quite a time of it lately aren't you?! Sure hope you both get to feeling and doing better!

Susan said...

My family used to tell a long winded story (that they swore was true) about these two sisters that said they had to keep their dog in the air conditioning because the vet told them not to let the dog get in heat. If I had $10.00 for every time I heard that tale, I could pay for your vet treatments. Anyway, I'm glad everyone is feeling better, because having what you had or what Gracie had sounds yucky. Happy Didn't Have To Go To The Vet Day!