Friday, June 21, 2013


Remember how Mommy was worried I wouldn't hold off until my spay scheduled in 3 days?

 photo elvisstella_zps82e0aaf2.jpg

She was right.
I woke up this morning and "it" happened. I guess she wasn't fast enough with that cork and duct tape.

Now Mommy has to call the vet's office this morning and they will have to reschedule my surgery.
She is NOT happy.
I'd better warn that vet receptionist lady to wear shin guards the next time we see her.

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Peri said...

Well, all I can say is that the lady vet needs a new receptionist. Those receptionist types are good at working with paper and pencils and computers but if they were good at being veterinarians they would not be receptionists just for fun.
Anyway, now you are officially a "big dog" and not just a young puppy! It makes you even more awesome than before, so that is okay!
Zipper will be pleased to hear of this I imagine.
Just don't go into the swimming pool!

Susan said...

Do you get to wear one of those cute little pampers?

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Mommy tried talking Daddy into stopping and getting me some frilly wears at the pet store, but he wasn't going for it.
Now that I'm a big girl, the boys can spot me miles away which is why Mommy is keeping me inside. I must really super duper awesome now!!!! YaY me!!!