Sunday, June 9, 2013

I am sick.

Mommy and Daddy had to take me to see the vet lady this morning.

I keep throwing up. I threw up all my food. I threw up all my water. I threw up all the Pedialyte Mommy gave me.

She thinks I may have eaten something I shouldn't and have a blockage.

The vet lady did some blood work to check for Pancreatitis. My blood work was fine.
She took a couple of x-rays and couldn't see anything. Although she said not all blockages show up on x-rays.

She also said I could have really irritated my insides which is why I keep throwing up. So she gave me a shot and gave me some medicine to take.

She said I can't eat anything until tomorrow morning! What the??!! Can you believe it?! I could wither away by then!

If I eat tomorrow and can't keep it down then the next step is to have Barium x-rays. I don't think I like the sound of that. I may even need surgery.

Looks like Mommy will have to sew her fingers off or sell a kidney. Or both. But she knows I'm worth it.

So for now I will stay snuggled up next to her hip and rest.

 photo sickstella_zps85826982.jpg

Would you please say a little puppy prayer for me? Or you can send positive thoughts my way.
Or you could do both.

Thank you.

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Michelle said...

Oh poor Stella..I was just thinking of you a few hours ago and wondered why you were not posting. I will say a huge puppy prayer for you. My Miss Molly just barked her prayer for you.

Now, not sure how to keep you from eating what you shouldn't.....

Take care, sleep and get better.

Earlene Landis said...

Thats awful!! I hope hope hope your okay!
Keep us posted.

Raymond Homestead said...

Bless your heart Stella, I hope you get to feeling better! I am going to send lots and lots of positive thoughts, prayers and anything else you might need, your way!

Susan said...

Aww, Sweet Stella, you know Auntie Susan will say a puppy prayer for you and your Mommy and Daddy. I know they are so worried. Hope you feel better soon. xoxox

Peri said...

All of us cats here will send cat thoughts and hugs and prayers to our Goddess, Bast, that you get better soon, even if you are a puppy, not a cat.
Hope you don't starve.