Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hi Miss Michelle and everybody!!!

Have you missed me??!! Does a bear poop in the woods?!

I'm sorry, but I've been sooooo busy with being in heat and all. I've been making messes by putting my "stamp" on everything and anything. A good thing Mommy put down tons of old sheets and blankets. Well, some of them weren't old but they will be now once I get done with them!! ((giggle))

I think when I am done with all of this I will treat myself to a bubble bath and a pedi-pedi.

I'm sure you've heard about all the bad flooding we had around here on Friday. We are okay but others have a lot of damage to their homes and land. I sat and looked out the window with my Swimmies on just in case.

Yesterday me and Mommy took a drive around our hamlet to see the damage. All the roads were brown from the mud and BIG chunks in the roads were missing!!

Then when we were coming down our road we saw...

 photo fawn_zps540db5ab.jpg

Aaaaaaand Bambi has a twin! Did you know that?!
Mr. Disney never told us that, but it's true!
There was another Bambi right next to him! (But I wasn't fast enough with the camera. I'm all paws when it comes to working it)

Then they both jumped on a bicycle built for two and started chew Wrigley's chewing gum.
(Okay, I exaggerated a bit. They weren't chewing gum)

Guess what???!! Mommy bought me and Gracie three new Nylabones and now I have three new Nylabones and Gracie has none!! YaY me!!

 photo 1e748706-29c4-49f1-b16d-55510702f554_zps50ea4d63.jpg

 photo nylab2_zps780e7940.jpg

Oh!! Which reminds me!!! Don't forget to check out my Mommy's debut on
Early Work Mercantile tonight!

Hey, I've got to give her a plug because she buys me all my Nylabones.

See ya!!

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Raymond Homestead said...

Sure is awful about all that flooding but at least you got to see Bambi! You have 3 new bones and Gracie has none, it that one of those tricky math problems?! :-)

Michelle said...

Oh thank you Stella! Glad all is well and I am sad to hear that there was flooding near you. It saddens me to read about all of this that is going on.

Now, please share with Miss Gracie...after all, you are supposed to respect your elders. K?!

Your mommy could make you wear the puppy pads so that you don't make a mess around the house but I am afraid this would cause much anxiety and more of a mess. LOL....not much longer and you will be giving your mommy the stink eye cause she will have taken you to the vet for your ...uhm...."surgery."

Thanks for giving me a shout out!


Peri said...

I am SO happy that you got to go for a ride. They NEVER take me anywhere except our lady vet's spa place. I would like to go see Bambi 1 and Bambi 2...but no. I am SO jealous! I also do not get Nylabones...but I do get cat treats!! You are are awesome so you should get the Nylabones!! I haven't met Gracie here so I can only guess she is not as awesome as you. Tell you what, once you have licked and chewed on one of them, let her play with it. Sharing something that is yours is awesome too. As for the camera thingie, grab Mommy's has a camera on it and is way easy for paws to use!!
Also, make certain to "stamp" EVERYTHING...leaving your mark is important!
Zipper, TGC

Earlene Landis said...

I wondered about the flooding in your area. I hope the sun is shining for you today.
We have twin Bambi here too. they show up every night playing and running in our yard. Jerry and Emma lay in the bay window and watch them...making all kinds of funny noises.

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Miss Mindy, that's the "new" math. ((giggle))

Miss Michelle, I really don't like to share. So I don't.
I can handle wearing my harness but I don't think I want to wear anything down there.

Hey Zipper I took your advice! I've been stamping everything. I even stamped Mommy's shoulder! It was tricky, but because of my awesomeness, I was able to do it! She didn't think I was that awesome though. But what does she know?!

Michelle said...