Sunday, June 23, 2013

Boy, it's been a scorcher weekend!

I learned the hard way I don't do too well when it's really hot and humid outside. I kinda barfed. Well, I did barf. So Mommy thought it's best I stay inside with a/c.

 photo stelcouch_zpsb79d481f.jpg

Mommy doesn't do well with the heat and especially the humidity. She doesn't barf though.
She just gets really cranky and turns into the Incredible Hulk.

But she's not green. Or has gigantic muscles. Or looks like Lou Ferrigno.
But you know what I mean.

With this humidity, she does get "hulk hair" though.


 photo Bill-Bixby-Hulk_zpsabfbc575.jpg

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Michelle said...

And there is nothing worse Stella than being "in heat" and being "in the heat." Relax, enjoy the air conditioned comfort of your home.

Raymond Homestead said...

It's best you stay inside Stella when it's really hot out. We don't want you getting sick. It's no fun outside when it's so hot anyway!

Peri said...

Staying inside with air conditioning is what intelligent creatures do when they have air conditioning. Otherwise, why have air conditioning just so you can go outside in the heat? You are already in the heat according to CatDaddy, so why leave the house? Kick back and laugh at Mommy's hair!! Think about what she would look like covered all over in it!! Ha Ha Ha.
Zipper, TGC
PS Our dog barks at the cats...I think she is not real smart...cats are too good to be barked at! She is not awesome like you.