Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days.

We've been busy playing all weekend with our nubby blobs!!!

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But Mommy's been stressed all weekend.

Daddy called the vet's office on Friday to schedule something for me called a "spay."
I guess it's something I'm supposed to have when I turn 6 months old. Did you know I turn 6 months old in a few days?! It's true!

Well anyway, the vet lady today Daddy they are booked until the end of June. I'd have to wait another month.
That means I could go into something called "heat."

I'm not sure what that means. But with summer right around the corner, I'd rather go into "air conditioning."

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Maybe the vet lady can give me a fan too.

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Michelle said...

Stella....RUN...Run as fast as you can...cause you are going to be locked up in the cage if you do go into heat and YOU WILL NOT LIKE THAT! Nor will you like being "spayed." However, please tell your mommy that they make a really nice "happy pill" that you should take. K?

Earlene Landis said...

Oh oh!
You can't wait until the end of June.

Peri said...

I don't know about "heat" in dogs, but in "cats" it is really noisy! I asked HookyCat about it one time and he explained that Ishtar went into heat when she was younger.. and CatMomma took her to our lady vet for a spay and when she came home she didn't yowl and pee in odd places anymore! She also didn't smell like she needed a bath...which was nice for all concerned!! She also calmed down and didn't annoy the boy cats all the time, which was good because we all need our naps and she always wanted to snuggle and be all lovely dovey...which HookyCat didn't like. So my guess is that a spay is a good thing.
Besides, like you, I prefer air conditioning!!
Your friend,

Peri said...

Zipper is right. Spay is a good thing. And you will still be AWESOME when you come back from the lady vet's place.

Raymond Homestead said...

Don't worry Stella, it will be ok.

Stella BostonTerrier said...

I have no choice but to wait until the end of June. Mommy called the vet's office yesterday and practically begged to get me in sooner. (It was rather embarrassing.) But they didn't budge. They also don't have a cancellation list so I couldn't be added to it.
Mommy's going to hold out hope that I'll make it to the end of June.
Maybe she could use that "happy pill?"
Worse case scenario... She mentioned something about a cork and duct tape. Uh-oh...

Michelle said...

LOL...Oh poor Stella...corks are only for wine bottles!