Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I finally got to meet my human Aunt!!

It took awhile but my Mommy's sister finally came to visit me!! YaY!!

Guess what??????

She absolutely LOVED me!!
Then again, who doesn't?!

Guess what else??????
Her old beetle car has eyelashes!!

 photo lashes1_zps87717e42.jpg

How Mommy laughed when she pulled in the driveway!

Now Mommy wants a set for her Jeep.
Maybe I need to put a bug in Daddy's ear.

 photo lashes2_zps40b14270.jpg

Aunt Dyan played with me and I gave her puppy kisses. I also chewed her face and her jewelry. But because I'm so awesome, she didn't mind at all.

After she left, I was pooped out.

 photo lashes3_zps24981e0f.jpg

I hope she comes to visit me again soon! She was fun!

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Peri said...

It is such fun to finally get to see people you have only heard about! Like me getting to meet you and Gracie! So I know you had fun meeting Aunt Dyan!
I really like the eyelashes on the should make ears for Mommy's car and then put tape on them!!!! Daddy would probably help you with that!!

Raymond Homestead said...

I've never seen a car with eyelashes before, that's pretty neat! Of course your Aunt loved you, as you know, you're the bestest!

Carol Roll said...

What a cute vw! AND what an adorable picture Stella, wonder what you were dreaming of.

tattered 'n torn prims said...

(Oh Miss Stella....what taste you have!! O-H!!! I-O!! That's where Brady is going to go to school to become a rocket scientist!! wooooo hoooo!!)

Your cute-ful-ness has pushed us over the edge!! We pick up our little Miss Bella tonight!! Thanks for helping talk us into it with your grand adventures!! Tell your mommy we said Howdy!! :O)