Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm a rebel...

I've been in trouble these past few days.

First, I made a giant hole in this dog bed I'm sitting in. No one knew because it was hidden under the cushion. But the jig was up when Mommy found tiny pieces of foam around it.
Drat! I forgot to hide the evidence!

 photo stell_zpsd7ca1eef.jpg

Then yesterday when me, Gracie and Mommy were playing with our footballs, I jumped on Mommy's face and clawed her. Not only did my nails rake her face and make her bleed, they also got hooked on her bottom lip and ripped it open. Needless to say she has a bad boo boo. Ummm... make that plural. They also match the scratch on her chin I gave her last week.
I might be part cat. I like to use my front legs and paws to swat and grab things.

Finally, I cannot be trusted at all when I go outside. I like to run. I also have "selective hearing." Kind of like what Daddy has. He can't hear Mommy tell him to take out the garbage, but he can hear when an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is on AMC three rooms away.
I can't hear Mommy yell my name when I'm outside, but I can hear her open a bag of dog food three rooms away. So now Mommy has to buy me a harness and leash.

From what I've been told, none of Mommy and Daddy's canine furbabies ever had to be put on a leash. They were trusted and well behaved, unlike me. I broke the mold.

Oh well!! There's always a first time!
I hope she buys me a leather jacket and a pack of smokes.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Susan said...

Stella, don't forget Mommy is having company this month and she needs to look fabulous. Just try to keep that in mind. Oh, and maybe she'll buy you some boots with a Cuban heel if you're really good.

Raymond Homestead said...

Lol, you definitely are a rebel Stella!

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Miss Susan, not sure anything can contain these crazy paws of mine! Mommy's starting to look likes she's gone a couple rounds. It was my intention to cave up Mommy's face... Or was it????? **snicker**
Miss Mindy, to fit my "rebelness" I'm gonna get me a Harley with ape hangers. :)