Saturday, April 20, 2013

I was such a good girl.

Remember I had to go to the vet for my booster shots?

Well, Mommy and Daddy took me on Thursday. I got to meet one of Mommy's favorite vets too. He's a very nice man. I even got a dog biscuit when I got my shot.

 photo f9e08ec3-d5f2-4d89-8051-075aab50dec2_zpsbaad6fc9.jpg

But a few hours later something happened to my eye. Something called "cherry eye." (It's a prolapse of the third eyelid.)

 photo cher1_zps2a6e6080.jpg

It didn't hurt, but Mommy freaked out. She's such a worrywart when it comes to me and Gracie.

Mommy and Daddy thought maybe I had an immune reaction to the vaccine.
She called one of the vets and he said to give me a children's Benadryl. Boy was that tasty! Have you ever had one?? It was cherry flavor!

Anyway, Mommy went online to read up on this cherry eye thing. Seems like the way to correct it is through surgery and there's no guarantee it won't happen again. Yikes!

But she did read about a massaging technique.

Since Mommy worked for an ophthalmologist for many years, she thought she'd give it a try.

Guess what? It worked! She's not sure if it's a permanent fix, but it's good for now.

Hopefully I won't have that ugly eye bulge ever again.
But even if I do, I'll still be adorable!

It'll just cost Mommy and Daddy an arm and a leg to (hopefully) fix it.
But I'm worth it.

(A good thing they each have another arm and leg.)

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Raymond Homestead said...

Sorry about your eye Stella, that was good mommy was able to fix it! Your shot is all done and over with now and you got a biscuit out of it so that was good. I bet people were talking about how cute you are at the vets. :-)

Earlene Landis said...

Good thing she knew what she was doing..ouchee.

Carol Roll said...

Sorry about your eyes too Stella. Thank goodness Peanut knew what to do. Your so cute no matter what!