Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guess what?? I'm on a seafood diet.

 photo s3_zps7a84d259.jpg

When I see food I eat it!!

Mommy and Daddy can't believe how much food I eat!! That's all I want to do is eat, eat eat!
After I eat my big bowl of food, I run over to Gracie's bowl to see if there's anything left. But there never is.

 photo s1_zps02046983.jpg

Since I'm still so spindly, Mommy says I must have a hollow leg.
Little does she know, I have three!

 photo s_zps7f11ff06.jpg

Hey... Anybody out there got something for me to snack on?

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

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Peri said...

Ah yes, you Wimpy little doggie! Eat , eat, eat....you are only growing and so you will eat everything you can find. Get your Mommy to make you something special....like meatloaf...or..spinach...or CAT FOOD...you will be happier with that!

Carol Roll said...

Stella you are too adorable!!! a bundle of high energy!

Stella BostonTerrier said...

I am always hungry! But I have terrible food allergies so I can't eat everything in sight like I want to. You should see when Mommy accidentally drops any food she's preparing. It's a race to see which one of us is going to grab it first!! :)