Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lately I've been having sleeping "issues."

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I'm wide awake at 5am every single morning now. Since I am wide awake at 5am every single morning, I feel Mommy should be wide awake also. But she's not. So I continue to nag her until she gets up and takes me downstairs.

Since we're both up, it's only right that Mommy feeds me. That usually happens at 5:06.
I eat my big breakfast, walk over to my dog bed, curl up and go back to sleep until 7am.

Not really sure what Mommy does. But I know she doesn't walk over to her dog bed, curl up and go back to sleep.

This morning I decided to try something a little different...

I was wide awake at 3am.
But that DID NOT go over very well with Mommy. She wouldn't bring me downstairs and feed me.

So I'll try it again tomorrow morning. ((giggle))

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Raymond Homestead said...

Stella, you might want to try and sleep in just a little bit longer!

Peri said...

Did you try a sweet nose kiss? The real trick is to give a sweet nose kiss on Daddy!! Then he will complain and Mommy will get up and make breakfast at the wrong time!! At least it works that way at our house!

Susan said...

Stella, maybe you need to wear a sleep mask. It helps me sleep longer. Oh,'d most likely chew it up, so forget I said anything. Sorry.

Stella BostonTerrier said...

I'm gonna try Miss Mindy. But I can't make any promises.((hee-hee))
Hooky, when I wake up I like to get real close to Mommy's face and blow my snot on her. Maybe a sweet nose kiss would be better.
Miss Susan, you know me oh so well. :)
Last night, Mommy played with me and Gracie right up until 9pm to try and tire me out. It worked because I slept in 'til 6am. Mommy did the "Happy Dance."

Peri said...

This morning HookyCat started his kissing way too early and I covered my head with the sheet and refused to get up. So he didn't get breakfast until 9 a.m.! He slept a lot yesterday and wasn't sleepy this morning. I think he should play more at night and then he would sleep later. Since it worked with your Mommy, I am going to try it with Hooky.
Thanks a bunch and be a good doggie,