Friday, March 1, 2013

I am "helping" Mommy sew.

But she really doesn't want my help.

 photo sewingstella_zps05482037.jpg

I am "helping" her clean.
But she really doesn't want my help.

 photo cleanstella_zpsa93c2d44.jpg

I am "helping" her fold the laundry.
But she really doesn't want my help.

 photo sockstella_zps9a5e3194.jpg

I'm going to "help" Daddy with stuff over the weekend and I can't wait!!


 photo graciebed_zpsbdd5ba46.jpg

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


Peri said...

It seems like you are doing a lot of work and Gracie is just being a lazy pup! Time to chase her around the house again, Stella! Then get into that big bed and snuggle in after all your hard work! Being cute is very tiring...get some rest because Daddy is going to need lots of help over the weekend.

Raymond Homestead said...

What a super helper you are Stella, I'm sure mommy loves your help! LOL Gracie has perfected her resting time!

tj said...

...Whoa! Gracie's doing pin-ups now?! *giggle*snort* :o)

...Aw, and lucky Mr. Peanut getting a little helper this weekend! Such a good pup' you are Miss Stella!

...Enjoy your weekend!

...Blessings. :o)