Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Palm Sunday!

It was an exciting day for me!

I got to meet both my human grandmas for the first time!!

 photo palms2_zps0e2fe6a7.jpg

They've never come to visit me until today.
As you can only imagine, they were quite taken by me... and rightly so.

I mean c'mon, look at me!!

 photo palms1_zpsc79fa3f5.jpg

Anyway, our local volunteer fire department had their annual Palm Sunday ham dinner so Daddy went and grabbed some take out for everyone.

Gracie and I weren't allowed to have any. All we could do was sit and watch. Sigh.

Yesterday, Mommy lent a helping hand, (make that a helping oven) and baked 6 apple pies for the Palm Sunday dessert. She didn't make them, she just baked them. But the house smelled awesome!!

Speaking of Mommy, she had a freak accident early this morning. A big can of string beans fell from the tippy-top shelf and landed on the top of her bare foot. Ooooh that had to hurt! I'm pretty sure it did 'cause she dropped like a stone after it happened.

Then her foot swelled up like that little Violet girl did in Willy Wonka! Her foot turned (black and) blue like her too!
I hope Mommy doesn't have to go anywhere because she's never gonna get a shoe on that gigantic foot!

She is hobbling around the house like a little old lady.
Since she can't chase me, now's a good time to get away with stuff I normally couldn't get away with!!

Hmmmm... I need to find me some fabric softener sheets.

See ya!!

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Peri said...

You had better watch out and behave yourself...Grandmas' give little dogs presents from time to time and if your Mommy is hurt and you misbehave instead of being a good pup, you might never get any goodies from them! However, if you would like to, you may give them our address and I, HookyCat the Sweet, will take presents instead. Going to play with dryer sheets now??? Ha! Be a sweet pup and lick Mommy's boo boo. She will say, "Aw, how sweet" and you might get a treat or two. Think outside that basket, Baby Dog!!

Carol Roll said...

Of course they adore you how could they not. be good now for your momma, especially now.