Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stanley and I stopped watching the race.

What's with all the drama?! Did you see how they announced the drivers with the dramatic music and the smoke?
Even Mommy couldn't believe it and Daddy walked away from the television shaking his head.

I am disappointed too.
I don't even want to know who won. Hmpf.

 photo stel1-1_zps4e3106bd.jpg

So I decided it was time to torture play with Gracie.
(Yes, Mommy put that dumb cloth tape back on my ears.)

I grabbed my bone and headed for the couch.
I'm still too small to get up there without any assistance.
Assistance = Mommy

 photo stel2-1_zps4560df30.jpg

 photo stel3-1_zps161e6835.jpg

All the sudden, Gracie spooked me!

 photo stel5-1_zps2aea8260.jpg

Crap! I dropped my bone!

 photo stel9_zpsa06e1fc6.jpg

Not a problem. I'll just wait for "assistance" to pick me up and put me on the couch.
(I have her well trained.)

 photo stel4-1_zpsc4f0f62b.jpg

There! That was easy.
But where's Gracie???

 photo stel6-1_zps9dcb5a8a.jpg

I don't know where she could be, unless she doesn't want to play with me.

 photo stel7_zps77d9ad66.jpg

Ah-ha!! There she is!!!!
She was just pullin' my leg.
I love her even when she looks like Popeye.

 photo stel8_zpsb305164c.jpg

I would much rather spend my Sundays playing with her and Stanley than watch those silly race cars with all that drama.

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earlene said...

You are such a great narrator!

Raymond Homestead said...

Ahhh I love today's post Stella. Your mom caught some really good facial expressions of you two. Thanks for the laugh! I agree with Earlene, you are such a good little story teller!

Peri said...

Well, I didn't see the race but all that drama is why I don't watch should be about racing, not people.
Glad Gracie is finally playing with you...she even did the "play bow" for you!! Great.
Nice that you have your assistance trained so well! Remember to kiss her as a reward.
I agree with Miss Earlene and Mr Raymond that you are a good storyteller and the facial expressions were good in this post. So nice to have assistance who can take good photos!
Have fun playing today. Oh, by the way, I like your ears just the way they it "Stella-style" and maybe you could set a new standard for Boston Terriers --the cute girls ones could have your style ears and the boys could have tall ears!

Susan said...

Stella, I have to admit the Popeye comment almost made me have to use the piddle pad.

Stella BostonTerrier said...

You guys are great! I'm so happy you come by and visit me!