Wednesday, February 6, 2013

She can run,

but she can't hide.
I can wait here all day.



Gracie thinks she's safe up on Mommy's lap.
She still doesn't know me very well. ((giggle))

Mommy got a new area rug and guess what else??!! I got a new, giant 9'x6' pee-pee/poopie towel!! How lucky am I??
YaY!! I love presents!
I can't wait to christen it!!! I'll make sure to surprise Mommy when I do.


Did you know I'm eleven weeks old this week?? It's true! But I wonder why my ears aren't standing up yet? Mommy said some puppies need a little help with soft cloth tape to strengthen them.

See, like this puppy:


I really don't want tape on my ears. I'll look silly.
But Mommy told me when she was little her Mommy used to put Dippity-Do in her hair then roll it up tight to her head with sponge rollers, wrap them with a kerchief and make her sleep with them on her head all night!! Oh the horror!!
So soft cloth tape doesn't sound all that bad.

Well I gotta go. Gracie just walked by. Time to make her growl at me.

See ya!!

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


Peri said...

Glad that your Mommy is holding Gracie! Gracie is an older dog now and isn't used to wonderfully happy bouncing puppies...too bad...she will just get used to you. After all you are 11 weeks old...she has had some time to know you and will be more playful soon.
Congrats on the new p/p towel...lovely color--if that is what you are standing on in the picture.
I remember Dippity Do and sponger sister had to do that. I refused. Like you, I think tape would be better. They taped my ears when I was little because they stuck out and on humans that isn't good. So no rollers for me either!!
The tape doesn't even itch will be fine.
Go tease Gracie....

Carol Roll said...

hahaha too funny, Gracie looks terrified and perplexed poor sweetie.

floppy ears on a boston are precious too.