Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There he sat...

waiting for me to react.


He looked just like one of my brothers. Could it be??? I had to investigate. But there was no time for that! I had to move quickly!
I ran at him full bore! At the last second, I pounced! Then...
Did you know birdies and stars really do fly around your head? I never thought those cartoons were factual.
So, he IS heavy and he AIN'T my brother. Oh well.

Here's the view Gracie has of me. (She still hates me)
She's on the other side of the French doors that Mommy really needs to clean. There's Mommy's old laptop she uses to try to escape me even though I'm sitting on her lap. Oh and there's the hairclip I like to rip out of her hair.

I also like to chew her eyelashes when she's sleeping.

Here are my legs. I think they're better than Betty Grable's.

Here's my wrinkly butt.

Being awesome can be so exhausting.

I am such an angel.
When I'm asleep.

 photo dog_paw_zpsef6e3240.gif


earlene said...

So funny...I needed to be cheered up tonight.

Carol Roll said...

Stella is such a delight how on earth do you get anything done? How do resist just squeezing her when she is sleeping??

Peri said...

Good legs there little dogleg! Yes, you are cute. But an angel??? Maybe...
You look like queen of the room beyond the french doors! Have you tried asking Gracie WHY she hates you? Could it be that SHE used to be the queen of that room and YOU are replacing her? I bet she is just jealous.
Anyway, I have a question...why is your butt wrinkly?

Susan said...

Stella, you certainly do have pretty pink paw pads. You little cutie.

Raymond Homestead said...

Don't worry Stella, Gracie will come around, and yes, you are an angel!

Peri said...

Being awesome must be tiring indeed. And getting whacked by that other dog who didnt move must be uncomfortable. But soon you will be big enough to knock him over and laugh at him. Then you can say, "See Mom? I am victorious!"
Go, Stella!! Go.

Love, Hooky