Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Itchy.

When I first got here, Mommy noticed I had some rusty brown tear staining down my snout and I scratched a lot. Especially around my ears and my legs. Even the fur around my eyes is thin.

Is that me or Matt Lauer??
(I may need a comb-over.)


I also have an itchy butt. Do you know how hard it is for me to scratch an itch on my butt? You humans have it easy.

Well Mommy assumed it was the corn and wheat puppy food I was given at the breeder's. She switched me to some yummy no grain puppy food. But the itching didn't stop at all! Then a light bulb went on in Mommy's noggin. CHICKEN! Ah-ha!! That has to be the culprit.
She told me my sister Darla (who I never got to meet) had skin problems for most of her life until she figured out it was poultry. Many Boston Terriers have a poultry allergy but they don't know it.

Here's Darla at her worst. Daddy said she looked like Keith Richards. She even had that icky rusty brown staining on her legs and paws.
(I bet Keith does too.)


Here's Darla after steering clear of any poultry.


So yesterday she made asked Daddy to stop at the pet store and pick up an all fish dog food. She wrote down the brand and the kind so he wouldn't forget.

When Daddy came home he plopped my new dog food on the table. But guess what?? He bought the wrong one!
Uh-oh. Mommy's head started to spin like Linda Blair's, as she loudly said, "Are you kidding me?? You bought the wrong one??!! I wrote it down!! I'm gonna kill you!" I'm pretty sure she didn't mean that last part. But Daddy may want to sleep with one eye open.

Thankfully, Mommy had another dog food that contained no poultry, so I'm eating that until he goes back to the pet store. I did get treated to some boiled cod with boiled sweet potato and zucchini. Boy, was that good! I was so excited to eat that dish, I smeared it all over the place as I ate. I'm sure Emily Post would have been mortified.

Gracie still hates me. She's always giving me the stink eye. She acts all tough when she's up on the couch and I'm on the floor. But as soon as she's down to my level she either runs to Mommy or Daddy for protection or she bolts and runs upstairs where it's safe... For now. Wait 'til I learn how to climb stairs. Bwa-ha-ha!!

The other day she did let me jump all over her. But I think it was because she was frozen stiff from fear. Daddy's getting frustrated because she's not standing up to me. Mommy says it's just going to take time.

Well, I'd better go. Mommy thinks I'm going to take a nap. She doesn't have a clue! ((giggle))

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earlene said...

Chicken allergy? Is it only a boston terrier thing or any dog?
LOL at blog today! Thanks
I so enjoy it!!

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Hi Miss Earlene! Thanks for visiting me today! I'm sure many doggies besides Boston Terriers are allergic to chicken. The most allergic proteins to us doggies are chicken and beef. Who would have thought??

tj said...

...That Miss Darla was such a diva! Rest her soul. :o)

...Those dadgum Dads, am I right? We write 'em notes and write 'em notes and they STILL don't get it right. *giggle*shrug* ;o)

...It'll be just a matter of time and you'll be gone with the itchys and believe me, Gracie will come around. You just wait 'n' see. :o)


Judi Hunziker said...

Dear Stella,
My name is Cooper, "Coop" for short and I have had allergies since I was a little one some 12 years ago. My mommy and daddy put me on "Solid Gold Holistique Blend" and it worked, it really worked. Hang in there with Gracie, she will come around. Good talking to you, until later~Coop
p.s. I am a pembroke corgi in case you wanted to know,♥

Peri said...

It's me, Hooky! I am home. Got to sleep in a misting cage at the vet's placde...we call it the Spa. I feel better. I know all about allergies...I have ALL of them I think. Eating fish is the best for you...dog or cat...chicken tastes yummy but makes me itch too! Getting Revolution for fleas helped because I was allergic to the other medicine and I hope you will also get that good stuff later!
Faking a nap is fun...I do it a lot.
Later, Hooky

Stella BostonTerrier said...

Hi Miss TJ! Yep, Daddy's on Mommy's sh*t list. Ooops. Make that poopie list. I don't know... Gracie still doesn't like me. :(

Hi Coop!! Allergies are no fun. I'm afraid I'll lose more hair. I don't want to look like Sinead O'Connor. I'll tell Mommy about that Solid Gold food. I wonder if they have dancers too??

Hi Hooky! Glad you're back! I bet the spa was nice but you're probably happy to be home. You are so right about eating fish! It's so good for us. Isn't funny how the two meat proteins that cause the most allergies in us are also fed grains?

Susan said...

Hi Miss Stella, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I hope you get your itchiness under control soon. Tell your Mommy I said hello. Hugs.

Stella BostonTerrier said...

I will, Miss Susan. ♥